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How A Seo Consultant Can Help You Improve Your Website



SEO is much more than web ranking - It’s a complete, integrated service that enhances your site’s visibility on search engines, improves the user experience (UX), and strengthens your brand’s image. Ultimately helping you achieve organic, high-quality results. 

Plus, it’s an effective resource to attract new leads and generate more conversions. Up to the point that it’s proven that the first five results in Google’s first page represent 67,6% of all clicks. 

Most businesses around the world - from boutique start-ups to the largest Fortune 500 companies - invest in SEO consulting services as a fundamental step in their growth marketing plan. 

So, what' s SEO? Well, to begin with, it’s more than just analyzing and making some adjustments to a website.

With that in mind, today we want to invite you to discover the many benefits of implementing a Search Engine Optimization strategy, and learn how you can make your business more competitive through different SEO tools and techniques. 


Step 1: Build A Roadmap

First of all, it’s important to understand that SEO goals are not some random objectives that are only related to your website’s improvement. Yes, SEO is part of your marketing strategy, but also should be of your business’s overall plan.

So, according to what stage of growth your brand is, what communication goals you’ve internally set, and what you ultimately expect to achieve, we’ll design a strategic plan of action. One where your specific SEO goals will play a fundamental role to help you grow your business’ online presence.


Step 2: Analyze the Competition

SEO benchmark is key to understanding where your brand is standing and what resources you will need to achieve your goals. You see, brands usually think they know who their direct and indirect competitors are, but more often than not, they are wrong. 

By combining a host of different analytic tools, we’ll be able to identify what brands are positioning over the search intents you are interested in, who is actually reaching your target audience, and where the clicks you want for your site are. 


Step 3: Keyword Research

Simply put, SEO experts are constantly working with keywords that build each brand’s semantic universe and represent their target audiences’ search intentions. 

That being said, we’ll conduct a customized keyword research specifically for your company. Establishing ranking improvement goals aligned to your business needs to ultimately help you boost conversions. 


Step 4: Semantic Analysis

A semantic analysis of your website will help us evaluate your landings’, internal pages’, site structure, and tags’ general condition. This is an essential step to understand your content’s quality (and whether it addresses the right keywords or not), how Google is indexing your site, and what evaluation it does of the main assets you have to collect leads. 

Subheading, H1, and H2 tags are key and can’t be neglected. We can’t stress this enough: you need to optimize these tags to send Google the right message and enhance your content’s visibility. So, when was the last time you’ve checked them?


Step 5: Tech Analysis

Besides the semantic analysis, it’s important to also evaluate your website’s technical aspects:

  • page load time
  • desktop site status and mobile compatibility
  • 404 errors on your website, as they negatively affect SEO
  • URLs indexation on Google
  • implement a Schema Markup to make your website more attractive to users

To run a successful tech analysis, it will be necessary to work with multiple tools, some of them are free, and many others are not. However, above all, you’ll need a resourceful SEO expert that knows how to effectively use them to outline the upcoming strategy. 


Step 6: Time to Create Content

All the previous steps and SEO practices will work if and if only if you develop an inbound strategy that revolves around quality content.  

Keep in mind that these are all organic efforts. So, your content (and therefore your brand) needs to address your target audience’s interests and needs without compromising quality, because that’s how you’ll build brand authority and stay relevant. 

SEO copywriters will be in charge of creating a top-notch content plan built around your branding and overall communication goals. Anticipating your company’s most important events and dates to organically attract leads and improve your presence on SERPs. 


Step 7: Link Building

You’ve probably heard about on-site and off-site SEO

Well, link building is a strategy that’s purposely designed to improve your online ranking and reputation and drive more traffic to your site. How? By getting other (trustworthy, authoritative) websites to link to a page on your own website.

To achieve that, you’ll have to create an external links strategy. Especially avoiding marketplaces so you can easily generate a content-related ecosystem that fosters the best user experience and enhances your website’s visibility.


Step 8: SEO Training 

Rule of thumb: SEO knowledge should be shared. 

Even though the expert will be responsible for auditing, assessing, and implementing, all your teams should have a basic understanding of SEO. Mainly to improve their writing skills, gain a SEO-oriented approach for future projects, and work in tandem. 

With that in mind, we’ll find the easiest and most SEO-friendly way to train your marketing and communication staff and every other area that could take advantage of this type of knowledge. 


Step 9: Tracking & KPIs

Through multiple tools and platforms, we are able to measure your website’s traffic, where it actually comes from, and many other details about your audience’s and site’s activity. Comparing different periods and analyzing specific KPIs, such as research evolution within your keywords map.


Step 10: Reporting 

Last but not least, SEO consulting also includes reports that summarize your website’s overall performance in a concise and understandable way. 

These documents will feature in-depth data that demonstrates how your site can (and will) organically grow, alongside its visibility, enriched results, and upcoming leads and conversions thanks to the SEO strategy.


Let’s Create a SEO Strategy Together!

Now that you know how SEO can help your business grow, let’s work together! We have a skilled team of experts that will take your website to the next level, improve its organic search ranking, and generate new leads. 

We’ll also assist you throughout the entire process, providing useful training, demos of each implementation, and reports with actionable and relevant data. Don’t wait another second, the time to start your website’s search optimization is now!

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