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Learn How to Enhance Your eCommerce Business with These Hacks



Growth marketing is one of the most popular and relevant aspects of today’s marketing landscape, as more and more companies turn to this type of strategy to quickly and effectively achieve their business goals. 

Of the multiple terms and practices associated with growth marketing, “hacking” definitely stands out. Mainly because “hacking” is a world in itself, with specific characteristics, nuances, and rules. 

So, taking inspiration from Silicon Valley and based on business models from the United States, growth marketing establishes a work scheme that operates with very clear “hacks” and data-driven decisions. 

In this piece, we’ll cover everything you need to know about growth marketing. Especially how you can apply this strategy to scale your eCommerce business sales, online reputation, and commercial growth. 


Growth Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

Well, these are actually complementary concepts. 

Simply put, the main difference lies in scope: growth marketing has a global approach, as it aims to enable sustained growth throughout the entire marketing funnel. Growth hacking, on the other hand, it’s essentially focused on specific campaigns or action plans.

That said, both strategies revolve around data. Basically, “growth” means using multiple reports to make better corporate decisions within a strategy. Even more so, growth is strictly related to data-driven marketing, for which analysis, reporting, and metrics are a cornerstone. 

Now, both growth marketing and growth hacking have some common characteristics:

  • They’re focused on the client, user behaviour, and the overall digital experience
  • Unlike other types of marketing strategies that include global goals and decisions, these are highly-staged, data-driven models.
  • You get faster results and ROI.
  • To effectively implement every decision, both strategies call for analytical, agile, and highly organized marketers


Growth Marketing on eCommerce Businesses

Ok, with all that being said, how can a growth marketing strategy impact an eCommerce business?

Well, there are multiple “hacks” you can implement to optimize an online store and meet your business goals. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:

  • Automation: Automating processes, remarketing strategies, and omnichannel approaches that integrate an eCommerce business with the rest of the elements of a business plan are all part of a growth marketing scheme. It’s key to develop processes and flows that are aligned with the traits of the average user and potential buyer.   
  • Scalable Budgets: Having a non-flexible budget on eCommerce and advertising growth marketing is never a smart idea. Budgets can (or should) vary according to users behaviour, context, and many other factors. In each case, the return on investment will be a fundamental indicator. 
  • A/B Testing: These types of multiple testings help you understand your eCommerce users' behavior and make solid, better-informed decisions. However, keep in mind that it’s essential to plan ahead, anticipate important events or dates, and choose wisely when to report data and conclusions.  
  • Customized purchase experience: Fortunately, AI easily enables this hack, helping you to create unique experiences and flows for each type of user. And this is something that will ultimately make the buyer feel special and perceive your brand as one that cares about their needs and requirements. 

So, what do you think about these hacks? They are just some of the many different roads you can take on your growth marketing journey. Remember that this type of strategy offers hundreds of tools and resources you can use to enhance your eCommerce business’ development. 


Where to Begin?

Just like any other type of strategy, growth marketing will work if you start from the very beginning: analyzing your business situation, establishing your main challenges, and outlining your goals.

What does your company actually need? What small efforts can help it move in that direction? What are your available resources?

Experienced growth marketers will assess each one of these factors (and more!) and design a customized plan with control tactics and evaluation points. Unlike other methods, you’ll get immediate, easy-to-follow results. 

Are you ready to start your grown marketing strategy and experience unparalleled results? We’ll unlock the best hacks to help your eCommerce business grow, and never stop! 

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